2019 Vol 2 – Summer

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MEMORIAL DAY – More Than Just a Long Weekend

May 24, 2019

By John Theo Jr. Many people think of Memorial Day as the gateway holiday into summer. While it often coincides with the first visit to the beach, or a kickoff barbecue, it is quite a somber holiday. Unlike Veteran’s Day, which honors those who have served in the military, Memorial Day is strictly in remembrance …

Sunny View Inn : A Look Back in Time

June 18, 2019

Built in 1894 by Rufus Owen, Sunny View Inn was a privately-owned residential estate for almost a century. In 1982 it became the Patrick Henry Boys Home, but in recent years the non-profit group consolidated their properties and Sunny View once again became available. Enter Sharon and Jimmy Wilborn, local residents and realtor extraordinaire who …

In the Kitchen with Chef Rickey

May 20, 2019

Conversation with Chef Steve By Rickey Esto When we think of food, usually we are thinking about nutrition, or something to satisfy our hunger. Food is much more than that, food is an experience! Since the beginning of time food has been a way for people to gather, enjoy conversation, engage in thoughts and ideas, …

Meet the Mayor – Merilyn Newell

June 23, 2019

Mayor Merilyn Newell is Proud of How Far Roxboro Has Come By Olivia Townsend, RCS Freshman Photo by Pamela Rodgers “I believe that the true jewels of Roxboro are the people and the way this community connects together” Mayor Merilyn Newell proudly says of the city she has led since 2011. Mayor Newell’s love of …

Disc Golf Takes Flight in the Hyco Lake Region

July 29, 2019

HYCO LAKE, NC- Since the first curvilinear shape was observed in nature, probably a boulder rolling downhill, wheels, balls and discs have been invented for a staggering variety of uses. As an avid golfer, or should I say “ball golf” player, I have learned that a lot of my enjoyment of the game is largely …

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