by phillip gillis

Where a doorway between two pharmacies,
once led to Oz in the mind of a child,
now leads to Diagon Alley in the dreams of his children,
might lead to something
or someone
or somewhere
or… Where you could rent a movie-
(comedies in the front and horror movies up the ramp in the back)
or a video game-
(both sides of the ramp)
vhs tapes at a tire shop
(please remember to rewind)
that now exists only in a picture on the internet… Where the main street stopped being so main for a while,
but it is becoming main again… Where a not-so-imaginary snow line separates a foot of snow
and no school for a week
from a wintry mix and slushy roads
just a mile away… Where the boulevard-now main street- shuts down
for santa and candy and boy scouts and girl scouts
and hillbillies and school bands and antique cars and floats and horses
and fireworks
and the 4th of July… Where father nature and mother time-
strike that…reverse it
-are often at odds trying to expand
while keeping things as our grandparents remember… Where eight districts surround a once small town-
-like a picture frame
holding a memory of the past
and the promise of the future…

Where everything is better…


Phillip Gillis is a teacher, writer, wanderer, semi-retired professional wrestler, and father of two beautiful children. He is also a proud native of Allensville, NC and grew up in in a hardware store, C&G Supply Center.