By Immanuel Martin

Since I was 10 years old, I have wanted to do something involving film and photography. Enjoying movies day in and day out, I watched all the behind the scenes and extra credits. I got my first camera at the age of 14 and started a photography business. It has been pretty successful but still there was something missing… I wanted more.

I realized what that “more” was after taking my first film class at Piedmont Community College (PCC) during my junior year of high school.  I loved it and learned a lot of things about film and editing.

My senior year came around and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life; go to college, take a year off, or just focus more on my photography and filming. By the time I decided I wanted to continue my education, it was too late to apply to any four-year colleges. I found that I could submit an application to PCC, however. I went online to apply to major in film and found that they had ended all of the film classes. I was devastated.

So, at the time, instead of pursuing college, I went looking for jobs, but couldn’t find anything except a job at the local farmers market. I started working there and got to know the farmers and learned a little about how they ran their businesses. I had also been going to the N.C Minority Farmers and Landowners Conference for about four years and started getting into agriculture little by little. Last year, I was hired to be the official photographer for the annual event.

Living on a farm, I still never thought of farming as an option for my life. However, I am here on Legacy Acres, where we grow blueberries and are slowly expanding into other crops. Currently, my little brother and I have three free range chickens named Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We have 50 more that are on the way by summer. Soon, we expect to sell eggs on the farm and through Piedmont Progressive Farmers Group.

It’s funny how sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you. Thinking back to when I was younger, I wanted a PSP (a video game system). My mom told me I had to earn the money so I picked blueberries and sold them to a local grocery store. Within a week I had the money I needed. That one reflection and thoughts of the way to combine my love for film and photography pushed me to apply to the Agribusiness program at PCC. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but during the first two weeks of class, I started to love it.

In my first year, I am learning a lot. My favorite class is Agriculture Marketing because it is all about the business side of farming and sustainable agriculture. Best of all, it is hands-on, meaning that you get your hands dirty. After graduating from PCC, my plan is to transfer to North Carolina A&T State University where I will continue my academics in agriculture.

I never would have imagined myself enjoying agriculture as much as I do. I still want to do something involving film, so I plan to create a YouTube channel within the next year. As a child, I could not wait to leave Caswell County; however, with all the advances and changes happening in Caswell, there are so many possibilities. I have gone from being devastated to becoming excited about my future and continuing the legacy my grandfather left. Now you know why our family farm is known as “Legacy Acres.”

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