they are waiting…

phillip gillis


A baby-

cooing on her mother’s lap-

waiting on a world of

hopes and dreams…

and promise.

the world stands ready before her

(arms open)

her legs flailing and dancing in the air

in anticipation of what this next year holds.


A couple,

sometimes in (and sometimes out) of love,

stand waiting.

champagne in hand because that’s the way their parents always did it.

a look to the future.

a look to the past.

wanting desperately…


desperately for the moment to come

(and go).

work in the morning.


A father

sits in the green tattered recliner where his grandfather always sat.

half asleep but still waiting.

his curly haired son on his right knee

an arm stretched out to his blonde haired daughter on his left.

“We’ll make it this year dad!”

she promised.

Their vision bleary as the clock slowly counts down


a kiss from a mother to the forehead of her baby.

a quick peck between a couple in memory of the years.

a tight embrace between a father and his two joys.

“Happy New Years,” she says with a tear in her eye.

“Happy N-” they blurt out as the buzzer interrupts them.

“Happy New Year,” he whispers with a smile on his lips.


the year stands ready…

and so do they.


Phillip Gillis is a teacher, writer, wanderer, semi-retired professional wrestler, and father of two beautiful children. He is also a proud native of Allensville, NC and grew up in a hardware store, C&G Supply Center.