Winter season of no snow,
Bare limbs and surviving willowed leaves,
Brisk air in opening doors,
Burning sun through frosted glass,
Smoking chimneys swirl above,
A red robin perched nearby,
Scanning the earth for its next home,
Picking up debris after windy nights. From the frosted window we see,
Stopping to praise God for His creation,
Her playing with the motioning chime,
Pausing for a moment to stare,
Into the window of warmth to bear,
Where prosperity breathes condensation,
Remembering grandmother’s wisdom,
Of new beginnings and hopes of promise.


Deelynn Leigh was born in South Boston, Virginia and grew up with her family in Carson City, Nevada. God, full-time employment, and family brought her back to Halifax County. As a young girl, she engulfed her life with athletics and outdoor activities. For relaxation she found her gift for writing while creating short stories. In grade school, she wrote her first haiku poem, which ignited her love for poetry and the ability to utilize words and strategic rhythms to express herself. Her latest book is Lift Up: Inspirational Poems & Devotions, which can be purchased online at