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Being an avid outdoorsman, I find myself drawn to establishments that sell any type of outdoor products. These places provide me an opportunity to check out the newest hunting and fishing supplies and also allows me, as a buyer, to actually put my hands on the products.

Bucks & Bass owners Bradley Taylor, left, and Jamie Henderson grew up hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Bucks & Bass is a hunting and fishing store located in the town of Yanceyville at 1536 N. Main Street. It offers hunting and fishing supplies for all levels of experience from the novice to the professional.

Meet the Owners of Bucks & Bass

Jamie Henderson

While talking to Jamie, it was apparent to me that he has a passion for hunting and the outdoors. Discussing his fishing trips and hunting experiences seemed to bring back a lot of fond memories for him. Jamie said he was introduced to fishing at a young age, fishing with family and friends in local lakes and ponds. As he aged, he started to fish for bass and eventually bought himself a bass boat and started fishing in tournaments. Jamie said his father and a friend introduced him to bow hunting, and from that first experience his love and passion for bow hunting grew and then spilled over into deer, rabbit and turkey hunting with friends and family.

Bradley Taylor

Bradley has a similar story, starting out young, hunting with his father and cousin. Bradley’s father often took him out for walks in nature and taught him about animal trails and showed him animal scat on the ground. He would explain which types of animals left it there, and also point out different species of animals living in our area. From that exposure, Bradley’s love for conservation and nature grew, from not only enjoying animals in nature but to hunting and fishing. As he got a little older, he said, he started to build his own hunting stands where he would hunt for deer, and with each passing year his skills and equipment got better.

When he told me about his fishing experiences, he remembered fishing every weekend with family at local ponds in the area and catching bream and crappie. On one particular outing, his cousin gave him a curly-tailed worm to try for bass and instructed him how to retrieve it slowly back in. That same afternoon, he caught his first bass and that started a passion for bass fishing. Just like hunting, that passion for fishing continues to this day.

A Business Idea

In the summer of 2018, both Bradley and Jamie knew they wanted to start a business, and since they both have a passion for the outdoors, they decided to open a hunting and fishing store. Bucks & Bass was born. After establishing the business, they started looking for a good location and building. Both wanted a location near or in Yanceyville because there were no other outdoor stores in the area. There are a lot of NC Wildlife Resources game lands located in Caswell and Person counties that attract users during hunting season. The new business would fill a much-needed spot for this type of merchandise. As fortune would have it, a building became available in September of 2018. The building needed a lot of work, but with persistence and hard work, the new business was soon up and running.

Things to Buy

As customers come through the front door, they see that live minnows and live worms are available to buy — a must for any outdoor store. Those who need a minnow bucket can also find those available. There is a large selection of bass fishing crank baits that line the walls of the store, from deep divers to shallow running lures, from brands like Strike King and Rapala, just to name a few. There are also all kinds of colors and brands of spinner baits and swim baits.

There are plastic worms and craws, smell baits and hooks for catfishing, and smaller plastic baits for crappie or bream fishing. Fishing rods are sold along with several types of fishing line. It really makes no difference what type of fishing customers may want to do; Bucks & Bass has something for each species of fish found in our area.

For those who like to hunt, there is a wide variety of hunting supplies like boots, clothes, and ammunition. Items for the bow hunter are also available, including mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads, bow targets, scent blockers, and deer lures. The store keeps deer corn and mineral supplements in stock most of the year. It truly has a lot to offer.

A Bright Future

Looking into the future, Bucks & Bass will obtain their Federal Firearms License to expand into gun sales, focusing mainly on hunting firearms and giving customers the opportunity to buy locally. The store will also expand into archery equipment, carrying an assortment of bows. The owners hope to install a video archery range that would be accessible all year long to anyone who would like to shoot a bow. They also hope to add a clothing line like ScentLok and an assortment of brands of camouflage clothing. In the future, they would like to be a turnkey online store, receiving and shipping products daily.

Ending on a Good Note

Keep an eye out for the Bucks & Bass Facebook page. This winter, just before Christmas, they will offer a drawing for a bike giveaway. With each hunting season, there is a contest for the turkey with the longest beard or the biggest buck, so there is always something going on at the store. Stop by and visit, socialize and tell and hear some good stories. I myself exchanged a few stories during this interview. Contact Jamie and Bradley at [email protected] with questions or suggestions.

I look forward to going back to Bucks & Bass in the future.

1536 Main Street
Yanceyville, NC 27379
(336) 514-6656
[email protected]

“And remember, I’ll see you on the water.”

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