How to Build a Lakefront Home for Cheap

Richard Zemonek¬†built a home on Hyco Lake. Now he is sharing the experience in a How To book…

Are you interested in building a new lake front property with a beautiful lot, log home and boat dock for around $300k? A place to gather and make unforgettable memories with family and friends?

We had the same desire but had no idea how much it would cost or how to get started. We didn’t give up and completed our new lake front log home property with a gentle slope lot and a single slip boat dock for around $300k in just five months!

We wanted to share our experience so we created this illustrated “How-to” guide to provide a quick snapshot of the steps and general financial information for each of the steps we took towards completion. If you are ready to jump in and pursue your dreams of owning a lake front property, we hope this guide provides some helpful information to make your dream a reality.