Hyco Lake Magazine 2024 Vol 1

Hyco Lake Magazine 2024 Spring Issue

Growing up with the Seneca River just about 500 yards from my back door, I spent a lot of time in, on, and around the water. My family always had boats: power, wind, and even the people- powered type. My biggest influence was my stepdad; he was on the national staff for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

My Favorite Boat Just Got Better
Peter’s favorite boat. 12’ Wrightwater by Glasser Boats. By Colby Ross

I remember dreaming of building my own boat out of styrofoam coolers. That never really worked. Then on my 10th birthday, my mom bought me a two-man blow-up boat, complete with oars. My buddy Billy and I used that thing until the bottom ripped out. My next favorite boat was a 15-foot aluminum Grumman canoe. Once again, Billy and I paddled it all over, but you can’t destroy those classic canoes. I finally sold it when I bought my next favorite boat.

“The B Word,” and yes, there is a story behind the name, but that’s only for friends around a campfire after a few cocktails. That was the sort of boat that you typically don’t find on Hyco Lake; 24 feet with a big block Chevy. Lots of horsepower with only one real purpose… to get from one place to another really fast. Again, not the kind of vessel you would see screaming down a lake like Hyco or Mayo.

My Favorite Boat Just Got Better
DEKit flooring finished installation. By Peter Berry

Today, speed is not as important. My all-time favorite boat has a top speed of 23 miles per hour when the conditions are just right. And typically, that is on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or any day between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Her name is “Tootles,” and she is 12-feet-long and only about six inches of freeboard at the stern. With only a 9.9 horsepower outboard, you don’t even sit down to drive it. She’s kind of a cross between a stand-up paddleboard and one of those original jet skis you had to stand on.

My Favorite Boat Just Got Better
DEKit flooring half-installed. By Peter Berry

My wife named her, because she and I head out after work to just tootle around and enjoy a little peace on the water after a hectic day. Sometimes we even tootle down to Hyco Lake Marina for ice cream. But like I said before, never on busy weekends because one pass by a wakeboard boat and Tootles would be swamped.

The low profile and standing position make her rather unique. I am able to get many of the feelings that I remember from The B Word, but for a lot less fuel and money. Tootles is a lot quieter, too! But there is one problem. Standing on a fiberglass floor with any ripples on the water could cause significant vibration as I scream down the lake at 23 miles per hour.

My Favorite Boat Just Got Better
DEKit flooring close-up. By Chip Howell

My clever wife bought some high-dollar flip-flops that sort of helped. But the real solution came when one of our new advertisers installed a covering on the floor known as DEKit. Game changer!

To put it simply, DEKit is a custom padding that adheres permanently to the surface of the boat. Not only does it solve the vibration issue; it cuts down on the reflective glare from the fiberglass floor, it’s skid resistant, quiets the ride, and looks great because it matches the seafoam green of Tootles’ hull!

My Favorite Boat Just Got Better
Chip Howell with Southeast Marine Sports applying DEKit to Peter’s wife’s favorite but aging stand up paddle board.

My favorite boat is a custom creation by Glasser Boat Works out of Rockledge, Fla. They can be found on Facebook @Glasser Boat Works. She is a 12’ Wrightwater flats skiff, complete with a carbon fiber push pole. The 9.9 HP Mercury four-stroke outboard is even electric start. Southeast Marine Sports is a local dealer for Glasser Boats.

Having DEKit put on the boat was a two-step process with custom measurements and then installation. Chip Howell with Southeast Marine Sports worked to find the color and pattern that would work best and transformed the cockpit of my favorite boat.

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