The Cozy Cottage is located at 176 S. Main Street in Halifax, Va.

Story and photos by Kendra Morris

Sam and Debbie Thompson offer Christmas shopping all year-round at The Cozy Cottage on Main Street in Halifax.

Those driving through South Boston, Halifax, Roxboro, or Danville in the past year have probably been in a small business store to get a gift or card. These small stores are fun because we can walk in and look at everything that is on the shelves and easily find something for a friend.

In Halifax, Sam and Debbie Thompson offer these types of gifts at The Cozy Cottage on Main Street. What is special about this place is that when visitors walk in, Christmas is everywhere! The first room is Debbie’s Christmas room and has beautiful woodwork, ornaments, and creative gifts. In October of 2005, Debbie and her husband Sam set up their Christmas merchandise, just as any business would around that time of year. But when it came time for them to put it away in January, Debbie was sad. She didn’t want to take down anything related to the holiday because it made her happy. So, that sparked what is now The Cozy Cottage’s Christmas room, filled with everything related to Christmas, all year long. So, early shoppers as well as procrastinators can count on the Cozy Cottage.

Cozy Cottage owner Debbie Thompson loves Christmas so much; she has a room dedicated to it in her Halifax shop.

They also have four other seasonal rooms filled with beautiful furniture, books, wall décor, and more. All the cabinets and wood furniture are handmade by Sam at his Halifax shop, The Cabinet Maker. He takes joy in creating his wood projects for whomever may buy them.

Just as Covid has affected many small businesses, it has taken its toll on Sam and Debbie’s business. They are hoping that as more people are out and about, they stop by to browse, shop, and enjoy the unique experience the Thompsons offer year-round. Debbie and Sam hope you will shop local at the Cozy Cottage this Christmas and come back again and again.

176 S Main St
Halifax, VA 24558
(434) 476-2548
[email protected]


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