The Adventures of Frankie

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Reading was difficult for me as a kid in junior high and high school, I guess my brain is not wired for reading. It was so bad that I never intended to go to college. In essence, I felt like the school system left me behind. Thankfully, I did eventually get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but reading is still difficult for me.

Peter Berry - Author of The Adventures of Frankie

Sadly, my first son inherited that same affliction; reading for him was difficult as well. I was not about to let him down, he was not going to be left behind! So we practiced, practiced, practiced. If you met him today, you would never know it. That sucker reads and reads and reads, and he really enjoys, enjoys, enjoys! See? There is hope. Through The Adventures of Frankie, I will do my darnedest to help others get to the point where they, too, enjoy the magic of the written word.

Each book in this series will consist of ten short stories that stand on their own. Together they paint a bigger picture. Each book centers on a theme with life lessons and plenty of talking points. I envision kids, moms, dads and even grandparents enjoying these stories. The simplified language makes for fast reading while the “coming of age” story lines blur the differences between generations. I imagine the discussions as families sit around laughing about the antics of the characters and the situations they get into, problems they solve, and lessons they learn. Drawing on the common experiences, parents and kids will find they are not so different after all.

The first two books focus on Frankie, our hero. The main characters of the four remaining books are each one of Frankie’s buddies: Pretty Paulette, Scrawny Ronnie, Brad the Bully, and Rita the Red Head.

Pretty Paulette is the stereotypical girl next door on whom Frankie happens to have a crush. Scrawny Ronnie is his best friend, whom Frankie has known since they were in diapers. Brad the Bully, well, there is at least one in every neighborhood. Rita the Red Head is the nice little girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

My goal with The Adventures of Frankie is to give kids that have grown beyond Dick and Jane and Dr. Seuss something realistic to read, something they can relate to, and something from which they can learn. These stories are for kids who, like I was as a child, have found themselves left behind. Walk through the teen section of your local bookstore and you will find trilogy after trilogy of vampire stories, wizards, and young love. But what about those who struggle with reading? Never fear, Frankie is here!

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