Hyco Lake

What Is Pickleball? Popular Sport Draws Interest Around Hyco Lake

PERSON COUNTY, NC- It’s easy to learn and fun for groups regardless of age or skill. As a result, over the last two years, pickleball has built a national following. But what is pickleball? And what’s driving…Read more

In Person County, Life is Better with Friends!

PERSON COUNTY, NC- I don’t mean Friends, the old TV series, or hundreds of like ‘n share friends on Facebook. I’m talking about you and me – real people in our community who can connect in person…Read more

Hyco Lake Lift Maintenance – Your Dock’s Health

HYCO LAKE, NC- Imagine sitting on the dock, enjoying the sun, watching family members frolicking in the lake when, suddenly, a loud screeching sound travels across the water from a neighboring dock as a boat is lowered…Read more

Hyco Lake History: A Brief Tale

HYCO LAKE – Whether you are sitting on the screened-in porch of your lake house, in a restaurant or in a different town, you must have some connection or interest in Hyco Lake. Why else would you…Read more

Hyco Lake Dock Maintenance – Your Dock’s Health

HYCO LAKE , NC- Living on the lake creates lasting family memories both on the water and the land. The bridge between the land and water is your dock. Like houses, docks require annual maintenance that if…Read more

Light the Night on Hyco Lake

Story by Elizabeth Bradsher

Last year, several community lake friends got together to discuss the need for holiday cheer in a year surrounded by a pandemic…Read more

Hiskey Cigars

Bassi Ranch at Hightowers, NC
Story and photos by Clint Hilbert
“Smoking cigars is like falling in love.First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor,and you must…Read more

Hyco Lake Maintenance: Your Dock’s Health

HYCO LAKE, NC- The leaves have turned and fallen from the trees, the morning mist rises from the water, birds are flying south to escape the cold; these are the telltale signs that winter is here. We…Read more

Original Mayo Train Station Resides on Hyco Lake

HYCO LAKE- You can find a bit of history on the main channel of Hyco Lake. The original Mayo Train Station occupies the 2-acre point lot of South Point Trail.
Upon entering the home, you recognize the train…Read more

Hyco Lake Becomes a Region

HYCO LAKE – Starting with its first issue, Hyco Lake Magazine focused on stories for folks around the lake and in Roxboro, NC. Over the last several years, the name hasn’t changed but the mission has. It’s…Read more

The Boat has Circled Around!

In 1981, my parents fulfilled their dream of having a home on a lake by building on Hyco across from the old CP&L smokestacks (now Duke Energy Progress). The 20 years I spent coming to Hyco Lake…Read more

Shoreline Stabilization

Outdoor Living Decisions
By Joe Wilkerson
Living on the lake is special. Lake life is relaxing. It’s a lifestyle that can rejuvenate your mind and soul, but anyone who owns a place on…Read more

Places to Paddle Around the Hyco Lake Region

Maybe you grew up paddling a canoe either at summer camp with a buddy or perhaps with an adventurous parent, sibling or cousin. Or you may have discovered the joys of paddling as an adult. Perhaps you’ve…Read more

Antique & Classic Boat Society

Story by Brandon Patrick
Photos by Joe Peacos
I am the owner of Your Mobile Technician and NC Marine Sales, and I had a great time when I went out to support…Read more

she once fall’d up a mountain

by phillip gillis
she once fall’d up a mountainand the leaves came with her.off the groundfluttering into the aircasually drifting up and up and-uplifting themselves effortlessly…Read more

Hyco Lake Evolves

The Person-Caswell Lake Authority has worked tirelessly over the years to provide camping, swimming, picnicking and boating activities, and continues to look for new offerings to enhance the lake experience for…Read more

Lake Shots – Summer 2020 – WHAT IS THAT?

We can never guess what will catch our readers’ eyes! This one had people wondering… do we have a monster in the depths of Hyco Lake?
Here’s one message we received:
Hi! I have to know what is in…Read more

Wild Life Adventures – Dock Fishing

A Cool Place to Be
By Sam Seamster
As we approach the hot days of the summer months, we find that fishing has been rapidly changing over the past few weeks. Water temperatures…Read more

Meeting the New Owners of Hyco Lake Marina

Partners in Business and Life
By Sara Coats
New Faces at the Marina
Bruce and Laura Glode are the new operating and managing owners of Hyco Lake Marina….Read more

Disc Golf – In Search of The Kraken & Sasquatch

Story and photos by Paul Liggitt
Roxboro is a northern Piedmont town whose history was shaped by textile and tobacco commerce. In more recent years it has become a destination for…Read more

The Hyco Lake Review – January 2020

Hyco Lake Magazine is please to share the January 2020 issue of The Hyco Lake Review. This newsletter is provided by the Person-Caswell Lake Authority.
205 Kelly Brewer Rd
Leasburg, NC 27291…Read more

A Weekend of Wakesurfing for Everyone

Heyday Inboards NC CWSA Wakesurf Championship Tour 2019
By Robyn Kinsey Mooring
Whether you know how to wakesurf or just want to spend a day on the lake, you’ll want to mark…Read more

In the Kitchen with Chef Rickey

Conversation with Chef Steve
By Rickey Esto
When we think of food, usually we are thinking about nutrition, or something to satisfy our hunger. Food is much more than that, food is…Read more

My 1958 Barbour Wood Boat

By Donald F. Oakley
Herbert W. Barbour opened Barbour Boat Works on New Bern Trent River in 1933. His company made U.S. Rescue Boats. By 1943, Barbour employed over 1200 people….Read more

Hyco Hangout

Family Gathering Spot and Vacation Rental
By Phyliss Boatwright
For locals, Hyco Lake is many things. A place of memories, a place to live, to play, to take the boat or kayak…Read more

Lake Shots – Spring 2019

Please send your photos with captions from Hyco Lake and Mayo Lake to LakeShots@HycoLakeMagazine.com!

Not Quite the Big Yellow Taxi

By Norwood Walker
“…Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes, how curious you are to me!On the ferry-boats the hundreds and hundreds that cross, returning home, are more curious to methan you suppose,…Read more

Live Nativity Scene at Hyco Lake

By Melissa Moorefield, Park Manager
As we grow closer to the end of the year, Christmas parties are planned, millions of gifts are wrapped and exchanged, and families come together for many…Read more