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Neighborhood with Living Style

April 9, 2020

Edgewood Townhomes in Halifax, VA By Peter Berry Yes, it is true, I am not from around here. But…my kids were born here, so I cannot be sent back north of the Mason Dixon line. …

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Outdoor Living Decisions – Making a Cliff

December 20, 2019

Making a Cliff By Joe Wilkerson Often, we are presented with challenges that require out of the box thinking to solve. I learned through a series of successes and “learning experiences” that when these challenges …

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Gutters to Gardens – Take Gardening from Labor to Love

September 6, 2019

By Bart Streb As a child I would visit Pop (my grandfather) in his mountain home on Easter. April in the mountains is a time for preparing the garden soil and planting cool season crops. …

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