Help Wanted

About a year ago my wife and I purchased the magazine. The first thing we did was to establish our mission statement:

Enhancing our community
with interesting stories, beautiful photography, and information,
while bringing together residents and local merchants.

The second thing we did was to increase our distribution significantly. Now Hyco Lake Magazine is delivered to homes throughout Caswell and Person Counties in North Carolina, as well as in Halifax County Virginia. Starting in 2019 we'll begin mailing to homes and businesses in Danville, Virginia area as well. Our magazines are also available in more than 130 locations all around our community.

Hyco Lake Magazine is growing... No longer is it just about the lake... Now Hyco Lake Magazine is a true Regional Publication, serving all of the communities around the lake!

We need help selling print and website advertising!

The Basics

  • No Hard Sell!
    We do not pressure our advertisers to purchase.
    In many cases, they come to us!
  • You will not be alone!
    We will be with you every step of the way as you learn to sell, sell, sell!
    On the phone, in person, and through email... No matter how you communicate with customers, we'll be at your side, helping you do it right.
  • Part Time
    You will set your own hours.
  • Commission
    This is not a salaried or hourly position.
    You will be paid a percentage of what you sell.
    As long as you maintain the relationship with the advertiser, you will be paid your commission when they pay their bill.


  • Community Involvement
    We are looking for someone that really cares about our community and is involved!
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    This is a small, very small business... We are looking for new ideas, lots of energy, and help with our growth!
  • Self Motivation
    Basically, you'll be your own boss!
  • Computer Skills
    We don't have the time or resources to teach you how to use email, voice mail, Facebook, or web browsing.
  • Reliable Transportation
    This does not include mopeds 😉
  • Local Residency
    This goes hand-in-hand with "Community Involvement."
    You'll need to be a resident of Person or Caswell Counties in North Carolina, or Halifax County or Danville in Virginia.

If this sounds interesting to you then pick up the latest copy of Hyco Lake Magazine, read it cover-to-cover, then sell yourself to us!