Hall’s Way & Hall’s Block

Hall's Way is a neat indoor shopping experience in Uptown Roxboro.

Hall's Block offers even more shopping, dining, and services on the four streets surrounding Hall's Way.

The Shops of Hall's Way
The Businesses of South Main, Abbitt & Lamar Streets
We Are Vested and Invested in Historic Uptown Roxboro


April 14 "Step into the Hall" 10am-4pm (during Piedmont Community College's "Step into the Arts" Festival in uptown Roxboro)
Featured Artist at An Artisan's Emporium - Ernest Dixon's Pine Needle Creations Baskets
Preserving Artifacts ~ Preserving Memories sponsored by Farm to Home Market. George Collins. owner/craftsman of "A Seat in Time" is coming back to Roxboro to share Chair Weaving and Restoration. If you are interested in having a chair repaired you are welcome to call or email George for information or to share a photo with him. #423-787-0218, shay@earthlink.net

May 5 "Celebration Saturday" 10am-3pm Celebrating Families and their Special Events - Mother’s Day, Recitals, Graduations, Weddings. Hall's Way stores will have gifts for every occasion.
Featured Artist at An Artisan's Emporium - Jasmine Klenke's Wooden Signs

June 16 "Red, White & Blue Saturday" 10am-3pm Celebrating our Patriotism between Flag Day and the 4th of July.
Featured Artists at An Artisan's Emporium - "A Family Affair" with Beth Dalton's Moonchicken & Co., Don Dalton's wooden signs and Peyton Reed's Chunky Crayons.

An Artisan’s Emporium, 44 Gordon St, Suite 11, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 233-3504

Farm to Home Market, 44 Gordon St, Suite 80, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 322-3157

L & S Hair Design, 44 Gordon St, Suite 40, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 599-0406

The Bakery at Hall's Way, 44 Gordon St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (919) 810-8187

Say It With Sass, 44 Gordon St, Suite 31, Roxboro, NC, (336) 514-3288

Hair by Tom and Co, 31 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 503-8310

Standards-Based Solutions, 116 S Lamar St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 322-4208

Whitfield’s Barber Shop, 45 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 599-5943

Partnership for Children, 111 S Main St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 599-3773

Safe Haven, 119 S Main St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 597-8699

CCH Accounting, 33 Abbitt St Ste 05, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 599-0003

Jack Reynolds and Assoc., 33 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 599-3500

Person County Register of Deeds, 21 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 597-1733

Person County Tax Office, 13 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 597-1721

Simmons Law Firm, 33 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 330-0265

Radio Shack, 25 Abbitt St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 599-6819

Selections Estate Furnishings, Gifts & Accessories, 117 S Main St, Roxboro, NC 27573, (336) 322-7000

The Jumble Store, 119 S Main St, Roxboro, NC 27573

Dr. Claudia Berryhill
(336) 597-1407

Joe/Cal Berryhill
(336) 598-1144 or (336) 598-1046

Story and photographs by Meredith Bernard

Sometimes vision is much more than what we see with our eyes – it’s what we see with our hearts. The vision of Claudia Berryhill and her two brothers, Cal and Joe, for a unique blueprint they inherited in uptown Roxboro is not only bringing new beauty to an old building, but a source of revival for the entire town. In the words of Claudia, “We believe in our uptown development and the exciting economic future of our county and we are vested and invested in more than one way to help this come to fruition.”

When you first pull into the parking lot of Hall’s Way, you know you are in for a treat. The long farm mural on the 1920’s era brick building beckons you to stop, enter through the double glass doors and explore. Once inside, you can’t help but feel nostalgic as you glance from one glassed-in display of local history memorabilia to another. It was important to the Hall’s that not only their family legacy be preserved through the renovation of this building, but the legacy of those who built the town of Roxboro and Person County.

When challenged with renovating the 15,000 sq. feet of space that has housed everything from a car dealership, a furniture company and a florist, the Hall family chose to bring the building back to it’s bare bones and showcase the original trusses, concrete floors, brick and block walls. In addition, there are small touches of re-purposed materials, including a vintage Hall farm mantel, salvaged barn wood made into planters, and benches made from the old Hotel Roxboro steps. Preserving history and heritage is extremely important to Claudia and her brothers and their attention to detail does not go unnoticed when strolling the “hall” of Hall’s way. In honor of the Hall family and Roxboro/Person County legacies, an adjoining green space on the Lamar Street entrance side has also been renovated and aptly named “Legacy Park.” There are plans to add outdoor seating, which will be the perfect place to enjoy a cone of ice cream or let children take a break and run around in the grass.

Even more exciting than the grandeur of this renewed historical landmark is the embodiment of vitality from the people now giving it life. After spending some time with several of the “children” of Hall’s Way, as Claudia refers to them, there is no doubt these business owners are like family – and I felt the same by the time I left. Since their Grand Opening in August of 2016, Hall’s Way has grown to six occupants, with one on the way and room for several more. There are also renovations underway for an adjoining restaurant space that is available and echoes the same refined, rustic appeal found in the rest of the property.

The first partner to join Hall’s Way was An Artisan’s Emporium, a joint-venture between entrepreneurs Carol White, Saundra Shoe and Kathie Rattican. Through what they deem a “perfect storm,” everything lined up at just the right time in just the right time for them to combine their individual talents and form a place to showcase not only their own creations, but allow for others to display and sell theirs. If it can be handmade, chances are you will find it in their shop – from clay chime pots, jewelry, pottery, natural remedies, home décor, artwork, apparel and everything in-between. Every month they feature one of their artists and hold special events on some Saturdays, which can be kept up with via their Facebook page. Check back often for the perfect gift for a friend or even yourself, because in this treasure trove of over 40 artisans, the options change daily.

In the way families do, this group of store owners continues to grow. After much success selling homemade soaps, lotions and bath products at An Artisan’s Emporium, Kristine Dale will be opening Earth ‘N Moon directly across the hall, May 1. Kristine’s neighbor is L&S Hair Design, where you’ll find owner Mary Lawson beautifying clients daily. She was also one of the first few businesses to claim a new home in Hall’s Way last year and she says it was a great decision to move uptown again.

Strolling down the hall is like entering a small town and it’s an exciting adventure to see what’s behind the next set of glass walls. Directly past An Artisan’s Emporium, you’ll find Cheryl Lockwood, owner of Say It With Sass – a store full of all things embroidered and monogrammed, as well as a new line of affordable and stylish boutique clothing. Cheryl’s personable demeanor and chic handmade goods will make you glad you stopped in.

Last, but not least, at the end of the hall you’ll find two more great places to shop, get a bite to eat and take local and organic foods home for later. Debbie Salisbury’s Farm to Home Market gives the feel of an old country store with unique gift items ands delicious foods and after you visit her, you can follow your nose through an adjoining door to Rising Sun Bakery, owned by Darla Main-Schneider. If you left without trying something fresh from this shop, you would be leaving the best behind.

Tina Barbour, owner of Make Mine Homemade with products in An Artisan’s Emporium and also Social Media and Marketing Director for Hall’s Way says, “this is a destination place - an anchor for community to spend time together.” She’s completely right, yet this anchor doesn’t weigh anything down, instead it’s setting a town free.