Hyco Lake

Live Nativity Scene at Hyco Lake

By Melissa Moorefield, Park Manager As we grow closer to the end of the year, Christmas parties are planned, millions of gifts are wrapped and exchanged, and families come together for many treasured traditions.  For many people, childhood Christmas memories are very vivid and they want to recreate those moments with their own children.  Over time, small things change and ...

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1955 Penn Yan Commander

Story by Norwood Walker Before there was aluminum and fiberglass, there was wood. Anyone who grew up in the 1920’s to 1950’s and spent any time on the lake in the summer, were well aware of this fact and enjoyed the excitement and beauty these well-crafted vessels added to their summers. Motor boats became increasingly popular in the US following ...

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Red Drum at Hyco Lake: Update

UPDATE - 8/23/2018 From: Tom Berry, North Carolina Wildlife Commissioner The Red drum have made it to Marion  where they are growing out ....they are now about an inch and a half long the are getting used to fresh water now.  we have 360+.  Great progress.   We will be catching another 300+ larger fish out of inland waters sometime in ...

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