So, you want to be a writer?

Have something to say? Then share your stories with us!

If it is published in the magazine then you will actually get paid.

For each issue we are looking for interesting stories to share with our community. But we have some simple guidelines:

  1. It needs to be about our area. For example:
    Hyco Lake, Mayo Lake, Caswell County, Person County, Danville, South Boston, etc.
  2. Nothing controversial!
    Hyco Lake Magazine is a positive, upbeat kind 'a periodical.
    Never will you find a politically charged article between our covers or on our website.
  3. Your story must have a Happy Ending 😉
    Typical news outlets are full of bad news. Hyco Lake Magazine is full of nothing but good, wholesome stuff!

Hyco Lake Magazine wants to make sure that our young people have a voice too. The Middle School, High School Students and College Students pages is where you'll find stories written for and by our future leaders!