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Sharon With 4 Lynn's Boutique Says It Best

Hyco Lake Magazine is my Best form of advertising!  I ask my new customers how they heard about me, and Hyco is by far my most popular response.  I am always happy with the placement of my ads, and the quality of the ad.  I love the Holiday edition each year, and the free ad that comes with my contract.  It allows me an ad to advertise and one to tell my customers thank you for the year.  I am certain that my ad is worth the money I spend on it.  It is advertising money well spent! 

The stand allows the magazine to be displayed at my check out without taking up valuable space.  


4 Lynn's Boutique

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Mailed FREE to owners of homes all around Hyco Lake Region which includes:

    • Person County, NC
    • Halifax County, VA
    • Caswell County, NC
    • Danville, VA

Mailed FREE to businesses all around Hyco Lake Region.

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The magazine is 8 1/2" x 10 7/8", full color, and typically 48+ pages!

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