Our Photographers

Jamie Harris Photography
333 Old Durham Rd.  Suite 202
Roxboro, NC  27573
(336) 504-2941


Photography by Lisa, Inc.
Lisa Carter, M.Photog.,Cr.,CPP
209 Main Street (15.51 mi)
Danville, Virginia 24594
(434) 822-6143


Meredith Bernard Photography

Milton, NC
(434) 822-6143


Why hire a professional photographer or videographer? Companies or individuals should consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer because they will have access to many more tools to create your images and they also have the experience to know how to use them. As a professional I have spent years at my craft understanding light, lenses, composition, exposure, and color. I know how and why they all work together to create beautiful images that communicate your mood and message. That understanding and the efficient creative use of all the photographic elements is what you are paying for. So whether you need to photo or video an aerial of a lakeside home, an industrial product, or some folks at a once-a-year event, a professional should provide proven value and service at every level. Let's have a conversation about how I can improve your image. paul@PLphoto.com, www.PLphoto.com, 336-322-1167.

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